Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapter 14: The Curse of a Soul Eater

Erebus Stood in the center of the room. "Everything looks pretty normal" He walked to the door, which was the exit. He looked around again before putting his hand on the door. It then suddenly disappeared as the room started draining the souls from his body.

He groaned as he watched to see who or what was doing this. When he found the spot where all of his energy was being drained to he summoned his scythe and threw it, shattering a red glass eye.
He kneeled down as he shook his head. "Crap...that bunch was supposed to last me until the end of this month..." He stood and called his weapon back to him.

All of a sudden his wife, Ami, apearred in front of him, she was holding a scythe just like Erebus but longer. She looked to him with a soft face. "I'm sorry..." she started. But i can't live with this anymore. You, collecting souls just to live. We can't even have kids...Erebus...i can''re...a monster...."

Hearing this Erebus stumbled back a bit. "Ami...This isn't you...It can't said you...loved me.."

Ami shook her head. "It's time for you to die..." She said with a grin as she rushed to him. Erebus dodged her attack and looked to her. "Ami...why?" he said running away from her to lean against a wall. Ami walked toward him and held one of her hands out. "I hunt your kind retired or not...i shall rid the world of you..." Her eyes changed to a bright red and her hand glowed as it started to suck the rest of the souls from his body which he needed to survive. Erebus groaned as he looked to her. "This can't be can't be....she..." He soon fell unconscious and drifted off to a dream.

"Erebus...Erebus...wake up...." Ami said as she shook him awake as he was asleep under a tree.
He groaned to look up at his wife. "Hello Dear...what the emergency huh?"
She just smiled. " felt like it..." she then bent over to kiss his lips softly. "I'm glad..." she said cuddling up next to him. Erebus put his arm around her. "What's Great Dear?" he asked.

"Us...I still can't believe you would marry a person who hunts Soul Eaters..." she said.
"Soul Eaters like me...we need them to live...I'm not like those others who do it for sport" he yawned.
"One thing...I'll never do...I'll never ever hurt you...unless i have a very VERY good reason..or you tell me too...promise.." she looked out to the horizon smiling.
"Okay then...promise..." Erebus said.

Erebus looked to Ami. "Please..Ami...this isnt you..."
Ami stopped and looked to Erebus.
"Come on...don't you remember? I'm your husband..Erebus...I'm not like the others...." he said before falling to the ground. "Please...I...I...Iove you...more than anything."
Ami's eyes suddenly changed to their normal color. "Erebus...?" she started to run over to him but something, a gun shot went straight through one of her lungs. She fell to the ground bleeding heavily.

Erebus looked at her wide-eyed as he ran up to her holding tightly.
Erebus....i'm sorry that they got me....but....I Just want you to know that I---..." Before she could even finish her sentence she slowly faded away in to a mist. Erebus sat there crying for a bit, he soon saw the exit and straightened up his face. He stood limping to the exit going to meet up with Alucard.