Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chapter 15: Saika's Early Grave.

Note: my mom fucked up my muse while i was writing exciting i warn you now.

The Grim Reaper Let out a low deep cackle....

Saika stood on the wall looking up at the Reaper with a twisted smile of her own. She extended both her arms to the side and soon appeared two handcuffs on her wrists, attached to the 6 foot chains were her swords. She positioned herself, pulling her wings back into her back, using only her Air magic she learned from Erebus and her Mother when she was 13, to keep her afloat in the air. Saika having her wings out took too much mental energy which she needed for her spells.

Saika pulled up her sword into her hands with one jerk of the cuffs, she grabbed them by the handles and she jumped off the wall flying quickly toward the Reaper.

In an instant the Grim Reaper moved to the side and up the wall in a mist-like form. Saika landed at the wall and quickly look to the Reaper, it seemed to smirk at her from under it's hood, only agitating her.

Saika stabbed her sword into the wall. Cracking her knuckles she pulled it back out. "It's time for you to--" before she could finish her sentence she sent herself flying toward the Reaper again. It moved away still in it's mist-form. Saika knew she had to get it into it's physical form again before it started attacking but it was too late, it attacked her in a instant using an invisible force to push her into the walls with a huge amount of force.

She hit the wall hard making a dent. She quickly lost her breath and coughed. Her Vision blurred as she saw the Reaper float about in a taunting way. She blinked and dropped her sword.
"Fuck..." she said to herself as she then pushed herself out of the dent she made she starting falling towards the spiked bottom again but this time she quickly reacted and soon the room turned icy cold. Her wings emerged from her back and she gave a flap soon rising towards the Reaper.

The Reaper itself was surprised as Saika came charging towards it Directly. Saika smirked as she spinned in the air pulling back as exactly One-Thousand Ice daggers appeared around her. The Reaper held out it's Skeletal hand to try and push her back down near the spiked floor. Saika pulled her hands back the daggers following her hand and arm movements. They both let loose their attack both hitting each other simultaneously. Due to area being cold Saika knocked out the Reapers Mist form, which is how she saw his hand.

Saika barely dodged the spikes she felt her wings being pricked and her lower back as well causing blood to form. She looked to the reaper with a smirk as she saw it pinned completely to the wall. Her face changed as she saw it moving again. It's Scythe doubling in size, the hood completely pulled, showed it's Skeletal Face. It gave another one of it's deep cackle and flew towards Saika at a High speed. Saika quickly distanced herself from the spikes she used her hands to block each attack the Reaper did, each attack broke through her Ice shield and also, it drained her magical powers into the Scythe. Saika could feel her self drop lower and lower, it was her Air magic that kept her afloat...period. If she lost that, how would she even survive.

The Reaper pushed her into the wall closing in on her again keeping it's Scythe at her neck. Saika groaned as she felt something under her feet. It was her sword she dropped. Keeping an Eye on her attacker she loosened the sword from where it got stuck at and soon she lifted it up into the air. the Reaper looked at it and Saika took a chance while it was distracted to give it a good 1-2 punch. She felt her fist crack against the hardened bone on the Reaper, the second punch she threw literally sent his jaw flying off it's face!

The Reaper staggered back holding it's face. Saika smirked as she caught her sword with one hand. She then looked at the Reaper with a twisted smile and it angered the Reaper this time.
It then ran it's hand over the blade, glowing with a blood red color the Reaper soon started slashing before Saika could even react! With each slash across her body she felt at least two pints of blood leave her. She then coughed up a pint as she was hit a 3rd time. She kept a tight grip on her sword as she felt the life leave her quickly, with the last slash she was sent flying into the door she was supposed to leave through, to be free, to see Alucard, and Erebus. She laid there breathing Heavily blood dripping from her mouth and her mid-section. She coughed slightly as the Reaper floated in front of her. It's Weapon to her neck ready to slice it off.

Saika looked up to it weakly with a blurred Vision. She spat her blood mixed saliva at it's bony feet and smiled. "Hey..Bitch..." she started as she Reaper tilted it's head back to acknowledge her rude statement. "See you in another life...." her Eyes turned each one color, one and Pure Ice Blue and the Other a Crimson red. Her wings elongated themselves as they both changed to their ice blue color as her eye, her aura radiated the Crimson red of her eye. She stood slowly the Reaper caught in her Spell Trap. She licked It's Scythe in a taunting manner as she faded into an Astral Form. Her sword changing into 10 million daggers she flew to the top of the room and smirked as she raised her hand high into the air. She then felt tears fall down her face. "I love you....Alucard, son of Dracula..and Gaurdian. She saw emerging from the darkness a thousand other Reapers like the one she was fighting, each more powerful than the next. "I'll see you in hell you bastards!!!!" she yelled as she out streched her arms as the rain of daggers peirced through each Reaper, almost killing them but Saika knew...there we're going to be more. She was soon engulfed in a crimson red ball of light sinking down into the depths of the Reapers, and in a matter of seconds the ball increased but then...imploded with Saika taking along all the Reapers and herself along down with her. The walls of all three of the rooms crumbling down on her, Saika completely gone from this world, where was she now? We shall not know until another Time and place.


Erebus felt a twinge of pain in his heart, a pain so great that he fell to his knees in front of Alucard.

Alucard looked to him curiously. "What's wrong...?" he asked calmly.
Erebus looked to Alucard holding his chest tightly. "S-saika....she's...she's...I can't feel her presence anymore!" he said with tears streaming down his cheeks... "We...have to..."Erebus started again.
Alucard was already ahead of him. He ran back to where the rooms was, but when he got was in complete ruin.
Erebus Joined him a bit later, limping along.

Alucard on his knees looking to the destruction. He felt tears fall down his face....for the first time ever. " she really gone? She can't be...she can't....!!!" he screamed.
Erebus looked to Alucard with the softest face ever. "She''s true....her's gone from my heart..."
"No...Erebus...she was stronger than this! she WAS STRONGER!!!" Yelled as Erebus just stood and watched him.
" wasn't meant to be really wasn't she wasn't supposed to Die..." he said...

Erebus sighed. "Alucard...I have a feeling...she'll..she'll survive...where ever she know...she won't leave you alone...never..."
"Yeah...." said Alucard looking to Erebus with a saddened face. Alucard never felt so lost until today...when he lost the woman he loved.