Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chapter 15: Saika's Early Grave.

Note: my mom fucked up my muse while i was writing exciting i warn you now.

The Grim Reaper Let out a low deep cackle....

Saika stood on the wall looking up at the Reaper with a twisted smile of her own. She extended both her arms to the side and soon appeared two handcuffs on her wrists, attached to the 6 foot chains were her swords. She positioned herself, pulling her wings back into her back, using only her Air magic she learned from Erebus and her Mother when she was 13, to keep her afloat in the air. Saika having her wings out took too much mental energy which she needed for her spells.

Saika pulled up her sword into her hands with one jerk of the cuffs, she grabbed them by the handles and she jumped off the wall flying quickly toward the Reaper.

In an instant the Grim Reaper moved to the side and up the wall in a mist-like form. Saika landed at the wall and quickly look to the Reaper, it seemed to smirk at her from under it's hood, only agitating her.

Saika stabbed her sword into the wall. Cracking her knuckles she pulled it back out. "It's time for you to--" before she could finish her sentence she sent herself flying toward the Reaper again. It moved away still in it's mist-form. Saika knew she had to get it into it's physical form again before it started attacking but it was too late, it attacked her in a instant using an invisible force to push her into the walls with a huge amount of force.

She hit the wall hard making a dent. She quickly lost her breath and coughed. Her Vision blurred as she saw the Reaper float about in a taunting way. She blinked and dropped her sword.
"Fuck..." she said to herself as she then pushed herself out of the dent she made she starting falling towards the spiked bottom again but this time she quickly reacted and soon the room turned icy cold. Her wings emerged from her back and she gave a flap soon rising towards the Reaper.

The Reaper itself was surprised as Saika came charging towards it Directly. Saika smirked as she spinned in the air pulling back as exactly One-Thousand Ice daggers appeared around her. The Reaper held out it's Skeletal hand to try and push her back down near the spiked floor. Saika pulled her hands back the daggers following her hand and arm movements. They both let loose their attack both hitting each other simultaneously. Due to area being cold Saika knocked out the Reapers Mist form, which is how she saw his hand.

Saika barely dodged the spikes she felt her wings being pricked and her lower back as well causing blood to form. She looked to the reaper with a smirk as she saw it pinned completely to the wall. Her face changed as she saw it moving again. It's Scythe doubling in size, the hood completely pulled, showed it's Skeletal Face. It gave another one of it's deep cackle and flew towards Saika at a High speed. Saika quickly distanced herself from the spikes she used her hands to block each attack the Reaper did, each attack broke through her Ice shield and also, it drained her magical powers into the Scythe. Saika could feel her self drop lower and lower, it was her Air magic that kept her afloat...period. If she lost that, how would she even survive.

The Reaper pushed her into the wall closing in on her again keeping it's Scythe at her neck. Saika groaned as she felt something under her feet. It was her sword she dropped. Keeping an Eye on her attacker she loosened the sword from where it got stuck at and soon she lifted it up into the air. the Reaper looked at it and Saika took a chance while it was distracted to give it a good 1-2 punch. She felt her fist crack against the hardened bone on the Reaper, the second punch she threw literally sent his jaw flying off it's face!

The Reaper staggered back holding it's face. Saika smirked as she caught her sword with one hand. She then looked at the Reaper with a twisted smile and it angered the Reaper this time.
It then ran it's hand over the blade, glowing with a blood red color the Reaper soon started slashing before Saika could even react! With each slash across her body she felt at least two pints of blood leave her. She then coughed up a pint as she was hit a 3rd time. She kept a tight grip on her sword as she felt the life leave her quickly, with the last slash she was sent flying into the door she was supposed to leave through, to be free, to see Alucard, and Erebus. She laid there breathing Heavily blood dripping from her mouth and her mid-section. She coughed slightly as the Reaper floated in front of her. It's Weapon to her neck ready to slice it off.

Saika looked up to it weakly with a blurred Vision. She spat her blood mixed saliva at it's bony feet and smiled. "Hey..Bitch..." she started as she Reaper tilted it's head back to acknowledge her rude statement. "See you in another life...." her Eyes turned each one color, one and Pure Ice Blue and the Other a Crimson red. Her wings elongated themselves as they both changed to their ice blue color as her eye, her aura radiated the Crimson red of her eye. She stood slowly the Reaper caught in her Spell Trap. She licked It's Scythe in a taunting manner as she faded into an Astral Form. Her sword changing into 10 million daggers she flew to the top of the room and smirked as she raised her hand high into the air. She then felt tears fall down her face. "I love you....Alucard, son of Dracula..and Gaurdian. She saw emerging from the darkness a thousand other Reapers like the one she was fighting, each more powerful than the next. "I'll see you in hell you bastards!!!!" she yelled as she out streched her arms as the rain of daggers peirced through each Reaper, almost killing them but Saika knew...there we're going to be more. She was soon engulfed in a crimson red ball of light sinking down into the depths of the Reapers, and in a matter of seconds the ball increased but then...imploded with Saika taking along all the Reapers and herself along down with her. The walls of all three of the rooms crumbling down on her, Saika completely gone from this world, where was she now? We shall not know until another Time and place.


Erebus felt a twinge of pain in his heart, a pain so great that he fell to his knees in front of Alucard.

Alucard looked to him curiously. "What's wrong...?" he asked calmly.
Erebus looked to Alucard holding his chest tightly. "S-saika....she's...she's...I can't feel her presence anymore!" he said with tears streaming down his cheeks... "We...have to..."Erebus started again.
Alucard was already ahead of him. He ran back to where the rooms was, but when he got was in complete ruin.
Erebus Joined him a bit later, limping along.

Alucard on his knees looking to the destruction. He felt tears fall down his face....for the first time ever. " she really gone? She can't be...she can't....!!!" he screamed.
Erebus looked to Alucard with the softest face ever. "She''s true....her's gone from my heart..."
"No...Erebus...she was stronger than this! she WAS STRONGER!!!" Yelled as Erebus just stood and watched him.
" wasn't meant to be really wasn't she wasn't supposed to Die..." he said...

Erebus sighed. "Alucard...I have a feeling...she'll..she'll survive...where ever she know...she won't leave you alone...never..."
"Yeah...." said Alucard looking to Erebus with a saddened face. Alucard never felt so lost until today...when he lost the woman he loved.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapter 14: The Curse of a Soul Eater

Erebus Stood in the center of the room. "Everything looks pretty normal" He walked to the door, which was the exit. He looked around again before putting his hand on the door. It then suddenly disappeared as the room started draining the souls from his body.

He groaned as he watched to see who or what was doing this. When he found the spot where all of his energy was being drained to he summoned his scythe and threw it, shattering a red glass eye.
He kneeled down as he shook his head. "Crap...that bunch was supposed to last me until the end of this month..." He stood and called his weapon back to him.

All of a sudden his wife, Ami, apearred in front of him, she was holding a scythe just like Erebus but longer. She looked to him with a soft face. "I'm sorry..." she started. But i can't live with this anymore. You, collecting souls just to live. We can't even have kids...Erebus...i can''re...a monster...."

Hearing this Erebus stumbled back a bit. "Ami...This isn't you...It can't said you...loved me.."

Ami shook her head. "It's time for you to die..." She said with a grin as she rushed to him. Erebus dodged her attack and looked to her. "Ami...why?" he said running away from her to lean against a wall. Ami walked toward him and held one of her hands out. "I hunt your kind retired or not...i shall rid the world of you..." Her eyes changed to a bright red and her hand glowed as it started to suck the rest of the souls from his body which he needed to survive. Erebus groaned as he looked to her. "This can't be can't be....she..." He soon fell unconscious and drifted off to a dream.

"Erebus...Erebus...wake up...." Ami said as she shook him awake as he was asleep under a tree.
He groaned to look up at his wife. "Hello Dear...what the emergency huh?"
She just smiled. " felt like it..." she then bent over to kiss his lips softly. "I'm glad..." she said cuddling up next to him. Erebus put his arm around her. "What's Great Dear?" he asked.

"Us...I still can't believe you would marry a person who hunts Soul Eaters..." she said.
"Soul Eaters like me...we need them to live...I'm not like those others who do it for sport" he yawned.
"One thing...I'll never do...I'll never ever hurt you...unless i have a very VERY good reason..or you tell me too...promise.." she looked out to the horizon smiling.
"Okay then...promise..." Erebus said.

Erebus looked to Ami. "Please..Ami...this isnt you..."
Ami stopped and looked to Erebus.
"Come on...don't you remember? I'm your husband..Erebus...I'm not like the others...." he said before falling to the ground. "Please...I...I...Iove you...more than anything."
Ami's eyes suddenly changed to their normal color. "Erebus...?" she started to run over to him but something, a gun shot went straight through one of her lungs. She fell to the ground bleeding heavily.

Erebus looked at her wide-eyed as he ran up to her holding tightly.
Erebus....i'm sorry that they got me....but....I Just want you to know that I---..." Before she could even finish her sentence she slowly faded away in to a mist. Erebus sat there crying for a bit, he soon saw the exit and straightened up his face. He stood limping to the exit going to meet up with Alucard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 13: Saika's Nightmare

Saika looked around as she stepped carefully. When she reached the center of the room, the ground all around her collapsed. She fell to her knees and covered her ears as the rumbling echoed through the large room. She looked around when everything was quiet. She sat on a small platform. She looked down at the endless abyss before her. She whimpered a bit before closing her eyes tight and curling up slightly.
"A-alucard...wh-where are you...someone..." she said quietly as she felt something cut her arm. It was a small dagger. Whe she looked up to see where it came from, a thousand sharp daggers rained down from above baring missing Saika each time. She started to cry a bit as she sat there trapped.

She hoped that Erebus or or Alucard would save her but she knew it was impossible, she was alone this time. She lifted her head up as the daggers stopped. She stood a bit, bleeding, the blood dipped onto the platform. Then she heard a voice in her head.

Where is your precious knight now? No where to be found. What about Alucard...He's no where either. No one can help you one...

"No...they're going to help me!!" she yelled as she looked around. She felt herself get weak from the blood she was losing. She stumbled abit trying to keep her balance, she sat on her knees for a minute trying to catch her bearings. But soon another rein of daggers came upon her. One went directly through her stomach at high speeds. She grabbed her wound and coughed up some blood before falling into the endless pit.

She closed her eyes as she fell. "I guess...this is over for me..." she said softly.

See you never had friends. If you did they'd be here trying to save you. And your knight...he's not even going to try. Alucard, he's just with Qui, his original WIFE, he doesn't love you...He's just using you like all the rest, you know it..deep down.

Saika felt all of this doubt well up inside her. She felt tears fall down her cheeks. "Alone...I'm always going to be alone..he's right.....he's..." She soon passed out going into a white light.


7 years ago.

Saika was out walking around the castle alone. Her parents were asleep and she decided to go adventuring a bit. When she passed the main door she ran up to the window that was next to it. She hopped up on the table and looked out. She saw a young man wander around in a black torn cloak, he was covered head to toe in blood, black blood. He kneeled down before falling completely. Saike widened her eyes and rushed out to help him. She pushed open the large wooden door enough for her to squeeze through and then ran out to help him. When she arrived next to the guy he looked up to Saika with his dim lit red eyes. Saika wrapped her arms around him as she kneeled next to him.
"Hey Mister...are you okay?" she said in a soft voice as she looked at his eyes.
"Get away from me little girl. Go back home." He said in a cold voice before standing up. But he soon fell again coughing up black blood.
Saika ran back to his side. " need help...let me take care of you...please mister..." she said as she started to drag the young man into her home.

Days later he laid upon Saika's bed under her covers. Saika gently slept upon his stomach, she bandaged him up neatly and laid a cold towel upon his forehead.
He woke up looking to Saika. "did this girl..." he said softly before smiling. "How was she not scared of me...." He said as he moved her to the bed. He set her gently in his spot as he stood over her on the side of the bed. "I am saved me."

Saika slowly opened her eyes and looked to him.
He stepped back looking away. "If you're wonder what my name is...It's Erebus..."
He said to her. "I'm Saika" she said before falling back to sleep.
Erebus smiled. "I am forever in your debt."

Saika slowly opened her eyes to see an image of Erebus briefly. His voice echoed through the area. "Geez're tougher than you look.." and his laugh carried through the room.

She smiled a bit. "Ere-kun...." she said softly. Alucard was the next voice she heard.
" Idiot..I love you..heh. don't ever forget that..." She smiled even more when she heard his voice.


Saika shook her head."No..." Coming up fast below her was a floor of iron spikes. If she didn't do anything she'll be dead soon.
Saika closed her eyes again, and soon, a aqua blue light engulfed her. She opened her eyes as they were a light blue. and slowly from her back was wings, pure ice crystal wings. She gave one flap and every thing turned to ice. She hovered above the spikes barely, then flew back up to where she fell. She soon reached the top, only to meet a type of Grim Reaper. She looked at it tilting her head.

It looked to her as it pushed her back into a wall spike hitting her directly in her chest near her lung. She coughed up blood and nearly passed out. She looked to it with a smile. "I'm going to have fun with you...." she said as she pushed herself off the wall spike slowly. She coughed up more blood, but kept afloat. She drew her sword and readied herself for the real battle.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter 12: Alucard's Worst Fear

Alucard stepped into darkness of the room. He looked around as a light suddenly appeared above him. He looked up and shook his head as he looked back ahead. He saw the door and walked towards it, the light above him following behind him.

When he was only a couple of feet away from the door he was stopped as two large wooden crosses rose from the ground. One cross had his Human step mother. She was bound with barbed wire, around her neck, legs and arms. She wore her black laced dress as she did when she married his Father. Her deep red hair draped across her face, she looked to Alucard with the same brown eyes as she did when she cared for him as a child. She smiled softly before she held her head down slightly.

Alucard felt tears well up in his eyes as he started to run to save his mom when a voice echoed through the area.

Alucard...wait...before you go save your mother...what about that Girl?

Alucard quickly looked to the other cross which held his love. Just like his mother Saika, was bound with the same thing and as time passed they grew tighter.
His mother and Saika both groaning in pain, He just stood there, trying to decide who to save, but with little time to decide, he couldn't think straight.

You only have a few minutes Alucard, Who are you going to pick? I can bring back your mother. I can bring back the happiness you had when you were a child. What has the girl brought you? Nothing but pleasure I'm guessing...maybe momentary happiness.f

His mother looked to him, tears in her eyes.
Saika looked to him crying as the sharp wires dug into her more. It pierced her skin and she bled bright crimson blood. It dripped down onto the ground. She winced trying to keep from screaming out.

His mother just bit her lip. "Please don't need her..."

Alucard soon fell to his knees, still trying to decide, because if he choose one, the other would be gone forever. He cared for his mother alot, but he also cared for Saika. He then suddenly remembered something from awhile back before his mother died.


Alucard laid his head in his Mother's lap as she softly stroked his head.
"Mom...." he said softly.
"Yes son?" she said looking down to him.
"If you're ever in danger..I'll be sure to put you first before any other! I swear..." he said looking to her determined. Although His mother just laughed.
"Alucard...I'm not going to live forever...You'll one day fine someone who you'll love even more than me." she said.
Young Alucard shook his head. "No I won''ll live forever with me and Father..."
She laughed again. "I assure you that, one'll find you're true love...and you will do anything to protect her, even if i was in danger. You'll only have one soulmate in your life time, and after you meet her you'll never want to let her'd put her first before anything. I won't tell you to choose son...You follow your heart...Remember what I said..."
He hugged his mother softly.
She smiled and hugged him back. "I only want you to be happy even if you have to make sacrifices along the way....Now, go and play.."
Alucard nodded and ran off waving good-bye to his mother.


Alucard soon looked to Saika and stood walking over to her.
His 'Mother' called out for him to save her but he stopped and looked back to her. "You're not my mother...She wouldn't make me choose..." He ran over to free Saika as he did, His 'Mother' broke free on her own and suddenly transformed into a little fire Sprite. She smiled and showed the way to the exit. Carrying Saika in his arms he ran for it, the sprite following behind him. The walls crumbled behind them as they reached the doors. He looked down to Saika. "I'll never Leave you alone." As he started to kiss her Saika transformed into another Fire Sprite. She giggled as her twin sister flew beside her. Alucard looked at the two in surprise. "What the Hell??!!"

"I'm Pyris and this is my twin Sister Pyro" Said Pyris.
"We're one of the guardians of Fire and Wisdom, your element correct?"Said Pyro.

"Yesss" He said.
"Well then..." they both said with a smile. "We shall reward you..for freeing us.."
"We've been under Gray's control for years...Let us help you..." Pyro said as her sister flew into the air and soon a gun dropped in front of him. Alucard picked it up and looked at it.

"hmm...." He said as he surveyed it before putting it away.

The twins smiled to him again before linking arms with each other. "Hey sure to take the long way okay?" Said Pyris.
Pyro nodded. "Yep we're off." They flew out the window and soon disappeared.

"Hmm...The room said it would take my soul...and yet...Is it a bluff? Well...I don't really want to find out...I hope the others are okay...." Alucard Said before walking down the Hall.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter 11: War..It's time to defeat the true enemy

Saika sat in the Main Hall of her Castle, where were her parents? Well...they the dungeon.

Saika looked at the clock on the wall as she waited. Alucard soon stepped through the door.
He gave a smile to Saika as he sat down propping his feet up on the table.
Dj, Saika's little brother who was away for school walked in. "Hello Sis..." He said as he caught a glimpse of Alucard. His face turned a little blue as the two just stared at each other.

Erebus walked behind Dj and put his hands on his shoulders. Dj jumped a bit and then sighed as he walked over to his seat.

As everyone got comfortable around the table they all turned to Saika with a odd look.
"Uhmm...What's that on your head?" Said Erebus with his Eyebrow arched.

Saika just smiled. "This is rabbit friend."
Erebus shook his head and sighed.
"So...." started Alucard. "Does everyone know why we are here?"
Saika leaned on the table a bit and sighed. "As we know...this war has been between our kind..." She pointed to herself before pointing to Alucard.
"BUT!" interjected Alucard. "We now know whose been pulling all the strings from the start!."
Erebus looked around. "If this was all started by Gray....then..."
"That's right..." said Saika softly. " We have to kill him....soon as possible."
"But...How are we going to get our two armies to work together." said Dj as everyone looked his way.
"Yes..." Erebus rested his head on the table.
"I don't know how we're going to pull this off love...." Saika said as she looked to Alucard.
"Oh...I'll take care of them..." He said with a grin.
Erebus, Dj, and Saika looked to him. "Uhhmmm...."

"Don't get Violent..." All three said to him. Alucard smiled. "No promises...." and With that..they all stood.

"Meet me back here tomorrow...Be ready to March by sundown...ok?"
They all nodded to Saika. Alucard went to talk to the armies..Erebus went off to prepare weapons and artillery, and also battle tactics. Dj and Saika went down stairs to their parents.


Saika woke up in the middle of the afternoon. She looked at herself in the mirror as she fixed her weapons on her waist. She smiled as she tied her hair up with a lacquered chopstick. It neatly held her hair in place. She walked out of her room. Erebus was already standing outside her door. He leaned against the wall and smiled. "You look a bit to pretty for battle..." he teased.

Saika looked to him putting her hands in the long sleeves of her kimono. "Hush...Let's get going..." she started down the hall. Erebus followed behind. Saika made a slight detour into the kitchen. Erebus stood in the hall watching her as she can out with her rabbit on her head.
Saika shook her head a bit. "He's not just a me..." She went to the Main hall along with him to wait for Alucard. They both sat in their seats as they waited. Shortly after Alucard walked in but he didn't sit down. "Let's go...." was all he said before storming out. Erebus and Saika stood as they both followed behind him.

Dj saw them walking by and ran over to his sister. Saika stopped to talk to him. "Sis..." he started. "Stay here and make sure this place doesn't get destroyed.
Erebus and Alucard stopped and looked back to the two.
Saika looked and told them to hurry on. "Hurry up..." Alucard said running off the the Entrance along with Erebus.

Dj hugged Saika. She smiled as she hugged him back. "If things get ugly you have the keys to set free mom and dad ok? They'll help you if you can't handle things..." Saika started off after Alucard and Erebus. When she arrived Alucard was sitting his horse holding Saika's by the reigns. Saika smiled as she jumped onto her horse, her rabbit holding on as she did. She grabbed the reigns tightly and kicked the horses side. "Let's go!!" she said as the horse took off leaving a trail of dust behind making Erebus cough a bit. Alucard coughed as well, then he looked to Erebus.
"She might enjoy this fight a bit too much..." Said Erebus. Alucard nodded as they rode quickly after Her.

Dj, watched them leave from a window. "I hope I can handle this." he said softly to himself.


The Three rode into the dense forest that they reached by nightfall, almost right near the battle field. Saika looked over to her right and into the field, she saw one member from her side get beheaded, his head rolled onto the ground as blood spewed from his headless corpse. Saika felt herself gag a bit as she looked away.

A bit later they reached Gray's terratory. They all slowed to a stop at the top of a cliff. Saika looked at all the fighting below. " just so..." she started slowly to herself.
Alucard hopped off his horse. "Let's get going...Do you need a lift my love?" he said turning to Saika.
Saika stood on the saddle of her horse. "Momo...time to show what you can do!" She jumped off her horse and over the cliff. Alucard started to fly after her when there was a big puff of smoke. Saika smiled as she was riding on the back of a ice dragon. Erebus laughed as he jumped of his horse.
"Just...we'll talk about that rabbit thing on the way back home." Alucard said as he crouched down a bit flying into the air floating a bit next to Saika. Erebus sprouted jet black wings from his back and flew ahead of the two. "Hurry up..." He said looking back.
The two sighed as they tried to catch up with him.

Saika suddenly saw a arrow fly pass her face. She looked ahead. "Fuck!"
"They saw us...." Erebus said splitting from the group.
"Alucard...." said Saika softly.
Alucard smiled to her before going in the opposite direction of Erebus. "Meet you there.."

Saika rubbed her dragons back as it then let out an Icy breath freezing the whole line of archers. She then flew into the first opening she saw. Momiji transforming back into a rabbit as Saika slid through the window. Momiji hopping next to Saika, she put him back on top of her head.

Erebus caught the next wave of attackers, catapults filled with flaming balls of whatever they put in there. They released the first wave but all missed as Erebus dodged each one. He then just held out his hand and watched as everything exploded in a manner of seconds. He flew into another open window, pulling his wings back into his back he sighed.

Alucard's side was clear, surprisingly... But as he flew near the window he caught wind of a smell. He looked around as something flashed off the reflection of the moon. "Fucking Shit!!" he yelled as he got a face full of a specially made cannon ball coated fully in mercury.
He nearly dropped down out of the sky. As the assailant got ready for the second round Alucard took out his gun and fired right between his eyes. The blood oozed from his skull as he dropped to the ground. Alucard sighed as he flew into window trying to recover a bit. "It's like they knew we were coming..."

All three of them trying to regroup arrived at a large door, with an inscription on it. It read.

You are now entering The Chamber of Nightmares
You will face your worse fear
If you cannot escape..We Shall have your soul...

They looked at the inscription.
Erebus just laughed, "Have my soul huh? I collect them..." He opened the door and walked in..The doors closing tight behind him.
Alucard laughed as well. "I fear Nothing.." He walked as well.
Saika on the other hand hesitated at first but walked in hoping she won't y'know like...Die.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Something Funny: Girl wants a Pet Vampire

The girl goes up to her Mom and asks "mommy can i have a pet"
"sure honey, what did you want?" she replied
"i want a vampire!" she exclaimed
"honey vampires dont exist."
*Alucard steps out of the ceiling*
"yes we do..."
*mother dies of heart attack*
"hmm...maybe vampires werent a good idea..." said the young girl.
*Saika knaws on girls arm*

Now....back to the story...XDDD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chpater 10: Time for War

Saika sat at the table with Alucard and His father. Alucard slowly drank from his cup looking down at a map. His father, on the other hand was staring at Saika.
Saika slowly ate the food she was given. She sighed as she stood up. "I'm just going to..."
Alucard looked up to her. " father is not going to kill you" He laughed. "He's only admiring're the second human girl to be here." He then looked back to the map and sighed.

Saika sat down as she looked at his father. He Gave a fanged smile to her as he stood. He walked over to her side and kneeled taking her hand. Saika blushed as he softly kissed her hand.
Alucard looked at his father and sighed covering his face with his free hand. He shook his head laughing a bit.

"I'm honored to have someone of great beauty in my home..I hope you feel welcomed.." He stood walking back to his seat. He pulled Alucard's chair from under him as he walked pass causing him to fall on his ass nearly spilling his drink. Saika giggled a bit as she looked at the two.
Alucard sighed as he sat on the floor for a bit before standing up. "Old man...." he said dusting himself off.
"Arrogant young blood...." he said with a smirk.
Alucard just rolled his eyes and pulled his chair up to sit down. He then looked to Saika.
Saika was laying her head on the table staring at the painting of a woman on the wall, she looked to the both of them. "So....what's your name?" she asked Alucard's father.
He said nothing.
Alucard laughed. "Saika spell my name backwards...." Saika looked puzzled but did it.
"D-R-A-C-U-L-A" she spelled aloud. She then widened her eyes, then looked fearfully to his father.
"Don't worry...I won't hurt my son's bride.." he said before fading into the darkness. "I'm going to bed...Alucard...get ready for school..." his voice echoed through the dinning room.

He nodded and Stood, Saika did as well. They walked to the room together to change into formal attire. The upperclassmen were welcoming the new students.


Saika wore her custom made kimono. She stood with her weapons strapped to her sides and her hands behind her back. Alucard stood beside her in a black suit. His weapons concealed in his jacket. His hair fairly neat he stood with his weight shifted to one side. with one hand in his pocket.
Saika stepped forward as the new students filled the Assembly Hall. She picked up the mic and with a smile she said. "Welcome to our School!" She said loudly as it echoed. Music began as Alucard stepped off to the side to prepare for his cue. Saika lifted her hand as she started to sing. A ball of water shot out of her hand and centered over the students. They looked up in awe as the water turned to ice and started to drop suddenly. As Saika held a note for a bit as she caused the ball to explode in tiny pieces causing the light to sparkle off the shards.

She smiled as she went into the bridge of the song. Alucard watched her dance around on stage. Listening to her voice. When he heard a part of the song he sent rings of fire out over the crowd. Saika held other strong note and sent controlled ice daggers through the rings. They soon turned into water as it danced around the fire.

She invited Alucard on stage. He smiled as walked over to her. She grabbed his hand and held it as she looked out over to the crowd. they lift both their hands and a combined effect of water, ice and fire danced around the room as she started to finish the song off. She smiled and nearly giggled a bit as she saw Alucard make a heart in the air leaving room for Saika to finish it off. She stepped in front of Alucard and kneeled down on one knee facing side ways and held out her hand as she summoned a beautiful Ice dragon, it got a bit chilly but everyone loved it. She smiled as Alucard did a small pose behind her as everything exploded like a firework. She hit the last note of the song as it faded out. Panting she stood. "Great huh?" she asked her mouth away from the mic. "Totally..." he agreed as eyed someone out in the crowd.
Everyone clapped, they even seemed like they wanted a encore. They both bowed as Saika lifted the mic to her mouth again. "I hope you enjoy your 5 years here...just as i did..We don't want any trouble keep the freaking peace ok?" she stated as she turned to walk off the stage, Alucard followed behind her as the Dean of the school walked on to speak.

Saika rolled her eyes as she sat on a crate in the back.
"Alucard...did you--?" Saika started.
"Gray's one of the new students here..." he interrupted her.
Saika nodded. "I know...I felt his presence here...Why the hell is he here?"
"For you no doubt...well...either way...he's in our territory now...We'll make sure he doesn't cause any--" Before Alucard could even finish his sentence. Gray appeared out of the Shadows.
Saika jumped and pointed as Alucard turned with a slight frown.

Gray smiled a sly grin. "Before Alucard?" He started. "Before I take back my wife? Before I lay waste to this ugly mixture of Human and vampire, called this school?" He looked up from under his hat as he stepped closer to Saika. Alucard stepped defensively in front of Saika as she rose putting a hand on his shoulder.
"Stand down Alucard....He won't do a thing here..." she said as she gave a slight glare.
Gray smirked. "Watch your back Alucard.."he said as he faded back into the shadows laughing.
Saika and Alucard looked to each other before walking off to greet the 1st years at their classes.


Saika met up with Alucard During lunch. She changed into her school uniform after she was done helping with Magic class. She walked up to the roof and saw Alucard sitting in the shade leaning his back against the wall. She walked over to him plopping down next to him. "I'm so...tired..." she sighed.
Alucard looked at Saika from under his hat. "I had Gym class and....Algebra..."
"Ouch....that had to hurt..." she said taking off his hat and putting it on her head. Alucard smiled at what she did. He took out a packet of blood and opened it slightly so he can drink out of it.
"Just so you sing nice..." He complimented her.
"Thanks...." Saika replied. "So what are we going to do...He, Gray is behind enemy lines here.."
Alucard looked down to Saika. "You can we kill him without making to much of a scene." He said simply.
Saika Nodded. "I mean I heard you're super powerful...You might get too carried away."
He gave a smirk as she finished off his meal. "I enjoy a good fight..." he said.
"Maybe you can use the control art restriction system" she suggested. "Zero being the most know...lower the number the more powerful?"
Alucard looked at her curiously. "For me to use that i would need a master..." he looked down tossing the packet in a near-by garbage can.
"If you let me...I'" she said softly.
"You want to be my Master?" Alucard said. "I'll be completely forced to obey you if you're my master..."
"I know..." Started Saika..."But...nothing will really change..." She said with a smile. "I'm not going to abuse my power you know...I'm not insane like you are..."
"Love, you don't know the half of it.." He said looking to her as he let out an maniacal laugh.
Saika couldn't help but smile a let out a little laugh of her own. Alucard looked to her as he stopped laughing.
Saika looked to the ground. "Sorry..."
He smiled. "You'll learn to laugh like me one day...just"
"So...agreed to use the Cromwell Approval?" Saika asked.
Alucard got on one knee and bowed deeply. "I am to serve as long as you wish me to Master Saika." Saika smiled. "That's good my love..." she said softly as she started to explain the process of the Cromwell Approval to him. Alucard Sat back down and listened carefully.


After school Saika was practicing her sword play in the field. Alucard watched from the roof secretly. Gray stepped out of the back doorways of the school. He saw Saika and gave a grin.
"Hello love..." He said as Saika looked to him gripping her sword taking a step back.
"Come back to me....I'm sorry for what i did..." He said with a sincere look on his face.
Saika looked at him suspiciously. Gray fell to his knees crying. "I really am sorry...I didn't mean to do that to you...."
Saika lowered her weapon.
"please....forgive me..." he said as Saika inched over to him.
Gray smirked for a brief moment. Saika knelt down in front of him. "Well...I seem sincere enough." she said as she looked him over. Alucard watched over the two like a hawk, He then felt a strong Aura that came out of no where all of a sudden. He stood suddenly. "No fucking way that..that Aura..."he said as he then saw a mist appear around Saika.
Saika widened her eyes at the fact she couldn't move. Gray then looked up at her. "You're such a sucker..." he said as he quickly took his sword and plunged it deep into her stomach. Saika coughed up alot of blood. As the mist dispersed from around her she fell to the ground holding her stomach, Her being human, she didn't hardly sense the extra power around until it formed next to Gray. Saika looked up to see... Alucard jumped down from the roof. He landed on the ground. Sei appeared in front of him with his gun pointed at Alucard. "I recommend you not interfere...In this gun are blessed mercury tipped explosive rounds." He said.
Alucard sighed a bit before letting out a glare toward them.
Gray smiled. "Are you glad to see her Saika...?"
the mist fully changed into a form, it was Qui. How the fuck? Saika thought.
Qui just smiled.
Gray explained a little about how she was back. "I ran into this girls' parents after a while she died. We struck a deal with them, my grandmother can work very ancient and forbidden black magic. Mostly everyone knows of her through my family. With a little of her ashes that we found and one of her parents, she's back. It took awhile though...most of the ingredients were very rare."
"What do you mean one of her parents...?" both Alucard and Saika said together.
"Sacrifice..." Qui and Gray said together.
"Sei!!" Gray called out...
Sei turned his head to his Lord. "Yes?"
"Kill him...." he said as Qui walked over and sat on Saika's back pulling her head up by her hair forcing her to look at Sei and Alucard. "Watch him kill your lover..." she said to Saika laughing.

Sei bit his bottom lip and pulled the trigger letting the shot fly. All six hit him directly in the heart and head. Blood spilling everywhere as his body fell to the ground. The barrel of Sei's gun smoking as he changed the magazine. He turned to Gray and bowed. "Dead...."
Gray smiled.
Saika started crying as she saw his body laying there, still bleeding she coughed up blood again instead of letting out a scream or yell. Qui shoved her face directly into the dirt as she stood and walked over to Gray. "I'm so happy you brought me back...." she smiled.
Little did she know she was another pawn in Gray's game. He was going to kill Qui as soon as he was done with her. Sei walked over to Gray and stood next to the two.
"Situation A..." Saika started slowly... All three od them looked to Saika.
"What is that bitch saying now...?" Questioned Qui.
Gray just smirked. "It's nothing...don't worry about it..." Qui and Gray started walking off together leaving Sei lingering around for a bit.
"Permission to Release control art restriction to level 2..." she said before looking to Alucard.
Slowly, Alucard's body started pulling back together. the blood that was spilt was sucked back into his body. Alucard stood with a smirk on his face. He looked to Sei.
"Releasing control art restriction to level 2" he said as his body started turn into a thick pitch black mist.
Sei ran to Gray telling him to turn around. Gray looked and so did Qui, they started running when they saw a 8-eyed hell hound running toward them Sei quickly jumped into the Air and then dissipated into a bright light above him. Sei teleported home. Gray on the other hand pushed Qui away splitting them up Qui dissapearred into a flash of lighting instantly getting away. Gray was by himself running. Alucards' Hell Hound was right on him. Sei dropped down from a portal above and grabbed Gray, but not before his doggie had a snack, he took a bite out of Gray's leg completly decapitating it from his body. Gray yelled as he was pulled into the portal. "This isn't fucking over...this is war you bastards...!!" His voice echoed.

Alucard sighed as he returned to his normal form. He walked over to Saika quickly who was slowly healing her wound with her healing magic she learned. She looked over to Alucard and smiled as he hugged her tightly. "We better start preparing for the final battle...." Saika said.
Alucard nodded. "Let's get you home okay?" He said as he picked Saika up in his arms. He then started walking. "So...." Saika started. "Where IS my home..."
"With my Father and I...." he said.
"I'm not letting you go back to that hellhole with your parents." he finished.
Saika smiled. "Thanks...." she said wrapping her arms around his neck. "Let's fly...." she said with a smirk.
Alucard shook his head. "Maybe next time ok?"
"Ok..." she said before resting her hands on her stomach...