Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 13: Saika's Nightmare

Saika looked around as she stepped carefully. When she reached the center of the room, the ground all around her collapsed. She fell to her knees and covered her ears as the rumbling echoed through the large room. She looked around when everything was quiet. She sat on a small platform. She looked down at the endless abyss before her. She whimpered a bit before closing her eyes tight and curling up slightly.
"A-alucard...wh-where are you...someone..." she said quietly as she felt something cut her arm. It was a small dagger. Whe she looked up to see where it came from, a thousand sharp daggers rained down from above baring missing Saika each time. She started to cry a bit as she sat there trapped.

She hoped that Erebus or or Alucard would save her but she knew it was impossible, she was alone this time. She lifted her head up as the daggers stopped. She stood a bit, bleeding, the blood dipped onto the platform. Then she heard a voice in her head.

Where is your precious knight now? No where to be found. What about Alucard...He's no where either. No one can help you one...

"No...they're going to help me!!" she yelled as she looked around. She felt herself get weak from the blood she was losing. She stumbled abit trying to keep her balance, she sat on her knees for a minute trying to catch her bearings. But soon another rein of daggers came upon her. One went directly through her stomach at high speeds. She grabbed her wound and coughed up some blood before falling into the endless pit.

She closed her eyes as she fell. "I guess...this is over for me..." she said softly.

See you never had friends. If you did they'd be here trying to save you. And your knight...he's not even going to try. Alucard, he's just with Qui, his original WIFE, he doesn't love you...He's just using you like all the rest, you know it..deep down.

Saika felt all of this doubt well up inside her. She felt tears fall down her cheeks. "Alone...I'm always going to be alone..he's right.....he's..." She soon passed out going into a white light.


7 years ago.

Saika was out walking around the castle alone. Her parents were asleep and she decided to go adventuring a bit. When she passed the main door she ran up to the window that was next to it. She hopped up on the table and looked out. She saw a young man wander around in a black torn cloak, he was covered head to toe in blood, black blood. He kneeled down before falling completely. Saike widened her eyes and rushed out to help him. She pushed open the large wooden door enough for her to squeeze through and then ran out to help him. When she arrived next to the guy he looked up to Saika with his dim lit red eyes. Saika wrapped her arms around him as she kneeled next to him.
"Hey Mister...are you okay?" she said in a soft voice as she looked at his eyes.
"Get away from me little girl. Go back home." He said in a cold voice before standing up. But he soon fell again coughing up black blood.
Saika ran back to his side. " need help...let me take care of you...please mister..." she said as she started to drag the young man into her home.

Days later he laid upon Saika's bed under her covers. Saika gently slept upon his stomach, she bandaged him up neatly and laid a cold towel upon his forehead.
He woke up looking to Saika. "did this girl..." he said softly before smiling. "How was she not scared of me...." He said as he moved her to the bed. He set her gently in his spot as he stood over her on the side of the bed. "I am saved me."

Saika slowly opened her eyes and looked to him.
He stepped back looking away. "If you're wonder what my name is...It's Erebus..."
He said to her. "I'm Saika" she said before falling back to sleep.
Erebus smiled. "I am forever in your debt."

Saika slowly opened her eyes to see an image of Erebus briefly. His voice echoed through the area. "Geez're tougher than you look.." and his laugh carried through the room.

She smiled a bit. "Ere-kun...." she said softly. Alucard was the next voice she heard.
" Idiot..I love you..heh. don't ever forget that..." She smiled even more when she heard his voice.


Saika shook her head."No..." Coming up fast below her was a floor of iron spikes. If she didn't do anything she'll be dead soon.
Saika closed her eyes again, and soon, a aqua blue light engulfed her. She opened her eyes as they were a light blue. and slowly from her back was wings, pure ice crystal wings. She gave one flap and every thing turned to ice. She hovered above the spikes barely, then flew back up to where she fell. She soon reached the top, only to meet a type of Grim Reaper. She looked at it tilting her head.

It looked to her as it pushed her back into a wall spike hitting her directly in her chest near her lung. She coughed up blood and nearly passed out. She looked to it with a smile. "I'm going to have fun with you...." she said as she pushed herself off the wall spike slowly. She coughed up more blood, but kept afloat. She drew her sword and readied herself for the real battle.